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Our Vision

The Vision of Purposely Living is to rebuild positive images of self.  To be an Advisor by providing tools necessary for self-awareness, self-worth, self-accountability and creating overall well-being of self.

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This journal may be used as a daily guide of expressions. It digs deep into many trails or tribulations I’ve been through that may relate to you. It speaks about family dysfunction, about being uncomfortable to make others comfortable, and also the truth of the matters. It seems we know exactly why things happen in our life because we’ve been taught to find out who, what, and why. This journal makes you become uncomfortable about how you could do something different in order to get something different. It takes you on a journey of accountability, trauma, transparency, and other transgressions that come from the experience of poor decision-making. It is my hope that people stop being afraid of asking for help in the area of self-awareness, acknowledgment, and accountability.

Our Services

One on One

The effectiveness of one-on-one training sessions will allow me to present very interactive sessions with you. Consequently, I will be able to concentrate on the individual’s specific needs, pertaining to their specialty in their line of work, relationships, and working conditions.

(5 or More)

$250 and up/hr


Collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.


Helping you grow yourself and your skills and confidence for successful, lasting relationships — with a partner, with yourself, with your kids, with your team at work — wherever relationships matter.

Sip & Paint
(5 or More)
$500 & Up 2hr

Get together with a group of friends or colleagues and enjoy a couple of hours of relaxation and fellowship!

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Deeon Everette

A redeemed Purposely living woman.  Having a Master’s Degree in Business Administration concentration in Leadership and over 30 years of life experiences allows me the privilege of being able to help YOU!

My Life coaching skills may provide a solid foundation sure to motivate YOU to take accountability of your life.

You are not your circumstance, your situation, or your downfalls. Learning self awareness will increase your appetite for change. You may learn forgiveness of self, allowing you the space and fortitude to grow.  

My goal is to encourage and provide tools needed so that you may become the BEST Version of YOU! 



Understand Your Worth

Set Your Goals

Take Chances

Believe in YES!

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